When Life Gives You Clay. Throw It.

In the prime of his life, Kurt Tateishi was an industrious worker who enjoyed diving, fishing and throwing pottery in his free time. All of this changed after he was hit in the head with a steel beam and fell 15 feet from a ladder. After running away from other hospitals, Kurt came to REHAB using a walker to get around. This was as good as it was going to get. Or so he thought.

At REHAB, Kurt worked hard with his therapy and started painting in the hospital’s Creative Arts Program. Little did he know, he would soon help REHAB just as much as REHAB has helped him.

Today, Kurt stands tall and walks independently again. He has rekindled his passion for throwing pottery and is a lab assistant at Windward Community College Ceramics Club. He unconditionally shares his talents with the patients of REHAB as well. Earlier this year, Kurt helped to start REHAB’s ceramics program for patients which takes place every Wednesday afternoon. For those patients who are intimitated by painting, being able to work with clay has really helped to open the door to recovery in a fun and relaxed way.

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