REHAB is committed to being the best place to work, and to recruit and retain individuals who share our values and embrace our vision and mission. To that end, we offer eligible employees an employment package that, in addition to pay, includes a comprehensive range of benefits. Many of the benefits are paid for by REHAB.


REHAB cares about its employees and their families. We encourage healthy lifestyles and preventive screenings. Insurance choices are also available to protect against catastrophic financial loss resulting from illnesses or injuries. Benefits include:

Medical Insurance with Drug & Vision
Plan choices include HMO and PPO plans. For a "Summary of Benefits and Coverage" click on:


Dental Insurance
You may receive services through a dental network or participating provider.

Flexible Spending Plan
A choice of pre-tax accounts (medical and dependent care expenses) and automatic enrollment for insurance premiums is offered.You save about 25% on taxes using "pretax" dollars to pay for out-of-pocket expenses such as prescriptions, eyeglasses, child and adult day care fees.

Long Term Care, Cancer Care, Critical Care or Accident Guard Insurance
Optional insurances at group rates are offered to eligible employees.

Employee Assistance Program
The EAP provides confidential and professional assistance to employees and their family members to resolve personal or job related problems.

Flu Shots, Tuberculin Skin Tests, Blood Pressure Checks
Free flu shots and tuberculin skin tests are offered annually. Qualified personnel to do blood pressure checks always available.

Well-Being Connection
Well-Being Connection offers preventive screenings and health risk assessments. Annually, appointments are conveniently offered on-site.



Everyone needs time away from work for personal reasons and to rest and relax away from the job. REHAB supports employees when taking time off by providing several paid time off and income protection programs, as well as for retirement. They include:

Paid Time Off
Our PTO program allows you to take time off with pay for personal reasons such as vacation, holidays, emergencies and short-term illnesses or injuries.

Extended Sick Leave
ESL is also provided to give employees a source of income when they cannot work due to medical reasons for an extended period of time.

Temporary Disability (TDI) / Long-Term Disability (LTDI) Insurance
The TDI benefit provides for 58% pay continuation while disabled with an off-the-job illness or injury, up to the State maximum. Optional LTDI insurance at group rates is also offered to eligible employees.

Workers Compensation Insurance
When you are off work for a job related injury or illness, medical expenses are paid for and you may also receive partial pay continuation as per State law.

Retirement Savings Plan
REHAB encourages you to save toward your retirement. An employer match is also offered to eligible employees as an added incentive.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment
In the unfortunate event of your passing, your beneficiary will receive insurance monies to help with adjusting to the loss of your income.



REHAB supports the continuous development of employees to enhance and expand their knowledge and skill base. Many professional development opportunities are made possible through the generous support of our Foundation.

Advance Certification Training
National trainers come on-site and include specialty certification courses. Courses offered in the past include NDT (neuro developmental treatment), Bariatric Ergonomics and preparation for national certification examinations such as Certification of Neuroscience Nursing (CNRN).

Continuing and Professional Education
REHAB encourages employees to attend seminars, training conferences and other related offerings that enhance professional development and growth, locally and nationally.

Our employees are the fortunate recipients of a variety of scholarships made possible through generous community support. Exceptional clinical and administrative support staff are provided scholarships that fund education and training activities to enhance their clinical knowledge of rehabilitation.

Medical Library
On-line literature databases are available to staff.

Our team of highly qualified professionals such as therapists, physiatrists and clinical specialists share their knowledge with one another, through formal in-services and just by working side-by-side.



Rewards and recognition are central to REHAB’s culture. We celebrate our accomplishments and hard work to make REHAB the best place to work, practice medicine and receive care.


Employees are recognized and rewarded for highest quality job performance, attitude, attendance and dependability, appearance, teamwork and for going beyond the expected. Winners are chosen among peer nominations.

Service Awards
Recognition for employees with 5 years of service, and every 5 years thereafter.

Employee Engagement Events
Annual and periodic events celebrate the REHAB team and promote “fun at work”.

Employee Recognition Events
Nurses Week, Doctors Day, Housekeeping Week - these are just a few of the employee groups that are celebrated throughout the year.



Employee parking
Parking is available on-site, on a space available basis, for a nominal fee. Pre-tax transportation program allows parking fees to be deducted before taxes.

Work Out Equipment
State-of-the-art exercise equipment is available for use after hours.

Employees enjoy discounts on cafeteria meals, movie tickets, REHAB services and supplies and Hawaiian Airlines' web fares.

Dining and Shopping
An on-site cafeteria is available as well as vending machines for snacks and beverages. Our gift shop offers a wide array of merchandise. Employees may also purchase REHAB t-shirts at reasonable prices.

Direct Deposit
Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the convenience of having their paycheck deposited into their bank account. Monies may be deposited into as many as 3 accounts.