Nuuanu Clinic

Welcome to REHAB at Nuuanu

After 25 years, the KJ and Beatrice Luke Outpatient Clinic is committed to taking the lead with the highest standard of care in rehabilitation therapy services. Coming full circle with the evolution of what health means, we are choosing a global approach to the healing process; we are redefining health.
In 2009, a full renovation of the facility was completed with the goal of creating a vibrant, yet harmonious sanctuary that encourages and facilitates the healing process.
Our 14,000 square foot facilities houses:

  • A fully equipped and customized Pilates studio
  • An open gym
  • Private treatment rooms
  • An aquatic center

We are extremely proud of our veteran clinical team with over 150 years of combined expertise and professional training in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, etc... This team brings not only expertise, but a sincere passion to their patient's continued recovery.


Tibion Bionic Leg



AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill