Golf Program

Back in the Swing!

Over 80% of all golfers suffer from back pain, shoulder, knee, hip and/or ankle pain at some point in their lives. Limitations such as weakness, muscle tightness, ineffective muscle firing patterns and strains are often the underlying cause of problematic golf swings.

These problems must be correctly identified at their source and the body retrained to not only prevent injury but also to learn how to use the body’s energy more efficiently to produce a more consistent powerful golf swing.

REHAB at Nuuanu offers a powerful Back in the Swing! Golf Program. Our therapists partner with a Golf Pro using REHAB’s custom golf cage to give golfers the most comprehensive evaluation of their golf swing.

Golf Pro analyses the swing while physical therapists review the muscles and joints while swinging. Together a comprehensive training plan is formulated to address each individual’s unique limitations to their best golf swing and prevention of further injuries.

REHAB invites golfers to see what a difference we can make on attaining the ultimate golf swing!

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